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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

DIY: Make organic Holi/Rangoli colors at home!

Holi is an Indian festival, where people rub colors on each others face (and body, at some places). It's the only thing that i know about this festival. :)

Anyways, I am not a big fan of this festival, mostly because of the synthetic colors that are rubbed on the face.

We don't even know how those colors are made or what all has been mixed into it.

I always end up getting some kind of allergy or bad reaction from those deadly colors. :(

So why not make organic colors at home.

Here are a few simple recipe that you can use to make home made colors.


  • Wheat flour
  • Henna powder


Mix wheat flour into henna powder to make light green color. 

You can alter their quantities depending on what color are you looking for.


  • Turmeric powder
  • Wheat flour


  • Mix a few teaspoons of turmeric powder into wheat flour. 
  • Don't take a lot of turmeric powder or else it will stain you clothes and may be face as well.

Extra tips:

  • If you don't want to waste wheat flour you can substitute this with talcum powder.
  • You can use diffrent things to make colors.
  • Like, mix gram flour(besan and powder) or (beasn and turmeric)
  • You can use fuller's earth(multani mitti) as well to make your own unique colors.

I know this post is a little late as holi is tomorrow butt i hope you give this a try.

See you soon! 

Happy Holi to you all! :)

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