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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Cancelling a party because of Bad Hair Day!? Super Girl is here to save you! ;) (With pictures)

So, you have to go to a party today but you won’t because you are having a bad hair day!

Plus you can’t even afford to go to a salon??

Sounds like a bad situation, eh?

Well ladies, here I am, Super Girl, to save you!! ;)

All you need is:

ü  Shampoo

ü  Any decent conditioner

ü  Any hair serum

[If you don’t have a conditioner or a serum AVOID that step. But you are going to need either of the two.]

(If you don’t know which serum to buy, you can use streaxpro hair serum. Details and photos are posted at the end)

Hair serum’s are like a magic potion for Girls.

They make your hair manageable, shinier and smoother without damaging your hair unlike your styling products!

It’s a win-win for your hair. ;)

Here is what to do:

Step 1:  Wash your hair with any mild shampoo once.


Step 2:  Apply conditioner to damp hair.


Step 3:  Wait for minimum two minutes and maximum 5.

Step 4:  Wash your hair thoroughly with cold water (Not ice cold, as cold as you can take but  definitely not hot water).


Step 5: Let your hair dry naturally or blow dry them at medium heat ONLY if you are in a hurry!

Now once your hair is dry you take a small drop of serum and rub in between your palms of both hands.

Step 6: Gently apply this to the middle shaft and the ends of your hair.(from where my hand is to the end)


Step 7: Now run your palms through all your hair

Step 8: done! Brush your hair and go enjoy the party!


  • You can even apply serum to damp hair, same quantity and same method.

  • Do NOT apply a lot or your hair will look greasy.

  • To be on a safer side, start with a small drop of serum.

  • IF YOU HAVE ALREADY WASHED YOUR HAIR ONE DAY BEFORE, and your hair aren't very greasy

Just follow Step 6, 7 and 8.

  • Though regular use of serum has not shown any side effects or damage to hair,

but serums consist of silicone which is said to be harmful if used for a long period of time.

StreaxPro hair serum:




Price: 160 Indian rupees

NOTE: I am NOT being paid to promote this product. I am suggesting you this product because I used it and liked the results.

See you next time!

Taa-daah!! ^-^

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