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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

All in one skin solution mask!

Okay so this is a quick short post on a mask that i am using since the last two days! I was going out with my friends and obviously we were gonna click lots of photos.. I wanted to look my best, so i tried a BB cream for the first time in my life and by the evening time, my face was all dry and flaky!!! Ewwww, right? So for the next few days i kept applying olive oil to eliminate the dryness but it didn't work so great.. Then i remembered that i'd read something about yogurt and after my very first use my skin was less dry!! Second day all the flakiness was gone! :) ( this post is gonna be long :/ ) So, all u need is yogurt! Yogurt gently cleanses the pores and tighten them at the same time .. With regular use it cures acne, fades scars, makes skin soft and glowing etc. etc.. I was gonna test it on me for more days but couldn't wait to share this with you guys!!! All you need is YOGURT!


What to do: *put a generous amount of unflavoured yogurt to your face, wait for 25-30 minutes and rinse off with cold water.. *apply moisturizer (i used olive oil to heal my skin faster ) Sorry if there were any mistakes I am using my cell phone to write this n i hate using touch screen ones!!! My fingers tickle sooooo much, i hate it!! I am glad this article is over.. Hope u try this n please please leave a comment below n tell me if it worked for u! Night - night!! ^_^

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