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Sunday, 9 March 2014


Monday, 25 November 2013

Simple lazy, 2 minute bun.

This is an amazing, simple hair bun video by X3haha.
This hairstyle is simple yet super cute and perfect for lazy days or during bad hair days.

Check out this video to learn the tutorial.

If you like this video, go check out her channel on youtube.
Its X3haha.

Disclaimer: I do not own the video, neither am i being paid to promote it.
I just thought this was helpful and decided to share.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Relationship: Giving Space!?

Relationships are not easy, be it any.
You have to a put a lot of work in it, by both ends.
Just one person trying to make it work is never good enough.

According to me what most couples are missing these days, is their ability to talk.
Every one is becoming so anti-social, giving preferences to things that don't even matter, like watching T.V. rather than asking about each others day, or playing xbox instead of taking a nice long walk together.

What you are not realizing is, you are missing so much love in your life every minute that you spend doing some irrelevant stuff over putting effort in your relationship.

When you'll be older there will be plenty of time to watch T.V. or play games.
But for now, be with each other as much as possible.
You never know what might happen tomorrow.

But sometimes, staying apart for a little time is okay.
One cannot always be in a happy mood.
We all have a dark side, don't we?
It can be pretty confusing to decide in such a situation, to whether leave the partner alone or comfort them.

But you can find out.

Here is how:
When this happens with your partner, try to comfort them. Spend time with them, try to know the problem.
If they respond positively, that is their dark side starts vanishing.. you did good! ^_

But what if they aren't responding to it the way you expected?
Well, then let it be.

We all are very different from each other.
Some like to be comforted and loved when feeling blue, while some like to be left alone.

You have to respect your partners choice.

For some people it is difficult to leave people alone in sadness, but dont force people in talking and sharing things if they don't want to.

Some people take time to let others in. To make others a complete part of their world.
And it's okay, there is nothing wrong with protecting yourself from being hurt.

All you can do is wait patiently for them to crawl out of their shell and when they do, dont expect them to share anything with you. They might never wanna remember it again.
Give them love and make them believe that you'll always be there for them.

That's all they need. That's all anyone can need.

Remember, everyone is different.
Respect it! :)

Have a great day!

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

What to do: Liking a boy who hasn't asked you out yet. (Being confident)

'I like a boy, who probably doesn't even know that I exist'
'I like my class mate/ friend but he hasn't asked me out yet!'

If this is the case with you and you have no idea what to do, I am here to rescue you. ^_

There is a very simple solution to this, like seriously, very simple.

And that is.. ...

Ask him out yourself!

You must be thinking I am crazy or something, but honestly girls, you can't just wait for the boy to ask you out.
Stop handing boys your fate!

It's your life and no one but you should decide which way to go!

You wanna date him, ask him.

It will make you self dependent and strong.
Many girls feel shy to approach a boy, remember they are just another human like yourself.

Life is too short and unpredictable to wait for miracles to happen.

If you want it, you gotta get it!

Now, asking a guy out is a little bit different.
You want to keep your dignity intact girls. You dont want to look desperate or something, believe me! *-*

Notice how boys are so cool about asking a girl out?
I am not asking you to copy them, just learn a few tricks.

Here are some Do's and Do not's for asking a boy out:

1. Keep your tone normal and confident- Girls tend to get excited and that can easily be noticed by the pitch of their voice. So stay calm and composed and ask normally like you would do with a friend.

2. The waiting game- If you have to wait for his reply, dont keep nagging him to answer asap! Give him his time, meanwhile watch your favorite show or do something that will help you keep distracted so that you dont go crazy.

3. If he says yes!- Screaaaammmm but not in front of him, he might get scared. Lol.  Alone or with your best friend. :p

4. If he turns you down- You have nothing to loose. Be proud that you took a step most people are afraid of. Atleast, now you won't have to live with the 'what if's', because you know the answer.
Embrace and love the new, confident you. :)

5. Don't make this 'being self dependent' be a one time thing, you have to know your value girl.
Take charge of your life from now on, and you will live a happy life with no regrets.

I hope this helps at least one person out there.
Let me know if it does. ^^

Just in case you are wondering if I ever asked a guy out, Yes I did!
I knew nothing about him, yet I tracked him down and we were in a relationship for sometime.

So if I can, you can too! ^_^

Until next time.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Breakup- Blaming yourself?

Break up is not easy, and when you start blaming yourself for the failure of the relationship things get worse.

And this is coming from a person who made this mistake and is still facing the ill's of that choice.

I am not here to be your 'shrink'.
I just want to share my thoughts n experiences with you, hoping it would help you make the right choice somehow.
Choice of either blaming yourself for everything bad or taking the high road.

Every choice is going to have it's consequences, either good or bad.
Taking from my very own experience, being the 'it was my fault person' comes with the bad ones.

I know if you are ready to take all the blame of a failure that might not even be because of you then you must be crazy in love.
But nothing good will come from it.

The first time you take a wrong blame, you actually give up a piece of yourself! For almost forever!

And soon it will become a habit and you won't even notice until one day you find a perfect person but it'll be too late, because until then you would have given up so much.

For me, its probably too late and yet I haven't given up hope.
Because if I dont watch my back, who will?

Now, whenever something bad happens, to me or even the people in my life, I somehow find a way to blame myself for it.
I do it because I became addicted to it. It's a habit that won't ever go away.

Don't do to yourself what I did.

So dear, be strong.
If it's coming to an end, let it.
Right now you must be feeling like this is the end and you will never find someone like him or her, but trust me you will.

What gave me strength in my sad days were these words:

'One day you will find someone amazing and it'll be clear why it did not work out with anyone else'

(I can't remember the exact words)

And you have to let this one go and wait for the right person to come find you.

And they will. Very soon.

Be sad, be mad at the world.
Blame everyone around.
Cry all day long.
Do anything you want to, but dont take a blame for something that is not your doing.

And always support and love yourself, that way you will be self dependent.
You won't need someone else to make you feel special.

I tried to put what I had in my mind in words and get some sense out of it, but right now my thoughts are blurry.

I am now going to end this on a beautiful quote:

'Everything will be fine sooner or later.
And if it's not, don't worry,it's not The END Of The World'

Keep your strength close to your heart.

Happy healing!
Xoxo. :)

Song of the day! Bones- Ginny Blackmore.

Who doesn't want to be loved?
To have a person who accepts and adores you, just the way you are.
This cruel world can be a very lonely and cold place sometimes and nothing beats the feeling of knowing that there is someone who will never leave your side.

A girl has a lot of insecurities,
Am I beautiful?
Am I good enough to be loved?
What if he looses interest in me one day and leaves? What am I gonna do then?
And the list goes on... ...

And then your guy treats you like shit!

This song is very beautiful. All you girls sharing some insecurities should listen to this once.

"I wish that you could see
Who I really am.
It sucks being a woman,
In love with an unkind man,
Cause baby I would give you the world,
In fact, I already do.
And how do you repay that?
Talk to me like I'm just a regular tramp tryna screw you
Over, do you even have a clue
What I gave up just to be here,
To serve your ass with steak and beer?

Baby that's love
Baby that's real
And all I've ever wanted was for your damn arms
To wrap themselves around me and say

Hey, girl you're the prettiest thing my eyes have ever seen
Come and lay your bones down with me
Come and lay your bones down with me
Hey girl you're the prettiest thing my heart has ever known
Come and lay your bones down with me
Come and lay your bones down with me

I'm not tryna play the victim
Don't wanna go head to head
But boy I shouldn't have to stand in the mirror
Convincing myself I'm fair
Baby that's your job to do
Baby you should think I'm beautiful
Why you wanna watch the set
When I'm layin' right next to you in our own room
I feel like you don't even know I'm there
But I put a brush through my hair for you
Run my fingertips over your back real smooth

Cause boy I need love
I don't get enough
And all I've ever wanted was for your damn arms
To put themselves around me and say

Hey, girl you're the prettiest thing my eyes have ever seen
Come and lay your bones down with me
Come and lay your bones down with me
Hey girl you're the prettiest thing my heart has ever known
Come and lay your bones down with me
Come and lay your bones down with me

I look you dead in the eye and say I love you
In the eye and say I want you
In the eye and say this is what I'm asking for
How can you sit and stare at the wall
Do you even like me at all?
Start talking 'bout makin' it better
It ain't that complicated
I just wanna feel your arms around me, babe
Please say...

Girl you're the prettiest thing my eyes have ever seen
Come and lay your bones down with me
Come and lay your bones down with me
Hey girl you're the prettiest thing my heart has ever known
Come and lay your bones down with me
Come and lay your bones down with me

Please, please baby
It's a woman's dream

I do not own the video or the lyrics.
Video from- youtube and Lyrics-

Cute Boho ponytail! By X3haha. :)

When you are bored of your regular ponytail, this is a very fun and easy way to spice it up.
This look is simple and cute.
It's very easy to do as well.

Enjoy your spiced up ponytail.

Video by x3haha on youtube. Go check her out!

Have a great day! :)