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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Relationship: Giving Space!?

Relationships are not easy, be it any.
You have to a put a lot of work in it, by both ends.
Just one person trying to make it work is never good enough.

According to me what most couples are missing these days, is their ability to talk.
Every one is becoming so anti-social, giving preferences to things that don't even matter, like watching T.V. rather than asking about each others day, or playing xbox instead of taking a nice long walk together.

What you are not realizing is, you are missing so much love in your life every minute that you spend doing some irrelevant stuff over putting effort in your relationship.

When you'll be older there will be plenty of time to watch T.V. or play games.
But for now, be with each other as much as possible.
You never know what might happen tomorrow.

But sometimes, staying apart for a little time is okay.
One cannot always be in a happy mood.
We all have a dark side, don't we?
It can be pretty confusing to decide in such a situation, to whether leave the partner alone or comfort them.

But you can find out.

Here is how:
When this happens with your partner, try to comfort them. Spend time with them, try to know the problem.
If they respond positively, that is their dark side starts vanishing.. you did good! ^_

But what if they aren't responding to it the way you expected?
Well, then let it be.

We all are very different from each other.
Some like to be comforted and loved when feeling blue, while some like to be left alone.

You have to respect your partners choice.

For some people it is difficult to leave people alone in sadness, but dont force people in talking and sharing things if they don't want to.

Some people take time to let others in. To make others a complete part of their world.
And it's okay, there is nothing wrong with protecting yourself from being hurt.

All you can do is wait patiently for them to crawl out of their shell and when they do, dont expect them to share anything with you. They might never wanna remember it again.
Give them love and make them believe that you'll always be there for them.

That's all they need. That's all anyone can need.

Remember, everyone is different.
Respect it! :)

Have a great day!

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