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Friday, 11 October 2013

Breakup- Blaming yourself?

Break up is not easy, and when you start blaming yourself for the failure of the relationship things get worse.

And this is coming from a person who made this mistake and is still facing the ill's of that choice.

I am not here to be your 'shrink'.
I just want to share my thoughts n experiences with you, hoping it would help you make the right choice somehow.
Choice of either blaming yourself for everything bad or taking the high road.

Every choice is going to have it's consequences, either good or bad.
Taking from my very own experience, being the 'it was my fault person' comes with the bad ones.

I know if you are ready to take all the blame of a failure that might not even be because of you then you must be crazy in love.
But nothing good will come from it.

The first time you take a wrong blame, you actually give up a piece of yourself! For almost forever!

And soon it will become a habit and you won't even notice until one day you find a perfect person but it'll be too late, because until then you would have given up so much.

For me, its probably too late and yet I haven't given up hope.
Because if I dont watch my back, who will?

Now, whenever something bad happens, to me or even the people in my life, I somehow find a way to blame myself for it.
I do it because I became addicted to it. It's a habit that won't ever go away.

Don't do to yourself what I did.

So dear, be strong.
If it's coming to an end, let it.
Right now you must be feeling like this is the end and you will never find someone like him or her, but trust me you will.

What gave me strength in my sad days were these words:

'One day you will find someone amazing and it'll be clear why it did not work out with anyone else'

(I can't remember the exact words)

And you have to let this one go and wait for the right person to come find you.

And they will. Very soon.

Be sad, be mad at the world.
Blame everyone around.
Cry all day long.
Do anything you want to, but dont take a blame for something that is not your doing.

And always support and love yourself, that way you will be self dependent.
You won't need someone else to make you feel special.

I tried to put what I had in my mind in words and get some sense out of it, but right now my thoughts are blurry.

I am now going to end this on a beautiful quote:

'Everything will be fine sooner or later.
And if it's not, don't worry,it's not The END Of The World'

Keep your strength close to your heart.

Happy healing!
Xoxo. :)

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