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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

What to do: Liking a boy who hasn't asked you out yet. (Being confident)

'I like a boy, who probably doesn't even know that I exist'
'I like my class mate/ friend but he hasn't asked me out yet!'

If this is the case with you and you have no idea what to do, I am here to rescue you. ^_

There is a very simple solution to this, like seriously, very simple.

And that is.. ...

Ask him out yourself!

You must be thinking I am crazy or something, but honestly girls, you can't just wait for the boy to ask you out.
Stop handing boys your fate!

It's your life and no one but you should decide which way to go!

You wanna date him, ask him.

It will make you self dependent and strong.
Many girls feel shy to approach a boy, remember they are just another human like yourself.

Life is too short and unpredictable to wait for miracles to happen.

If you want it, you gotta get it!

Now, asking a guy out is a little bit different.
You want to keep your dignity intact girls. You dont want to look desperate or something, believe me! *-*

Notice how boys are so cool about asking a girl out?
I am not asking you to copy them, just learn a few tricks.

Here are some Do's and Do not's for asking a boy out:

1. Keep your tone normal and confident- Girls tend to get excited and that can easily be noticed by the pitch of their voice. So stay calm and composed and ask normally like you would do with a friend.

2. The waiting game- If you have to wait for his reply, dont keep nagging him to answer asap! Give him his time, meanwhile watch your favorite show or do something that will help you keep distracted so that you dont go crazy.

3. If he says yes!- Screaaaammmm but not in front of him, he might get scared. Lol.  Alone or with your best friend. :p

4. If he turns you down- You have nothing to loose. Be proud that you took a step most people are afraid of. Atleast, now you won't have to live with the 'what if's', because you know the answer.
Embrace and love the new, confident you. :)

5. Don't make this 'being self dependent' be a one time thing, you have to know your value girl.
Take charge of your life from now on, and you will live a happy life with no regrets.

I hope this helps at least one person out there.
Let me know if it does. ^^

Just in case you are wondering if I ever asked a guy out, Yes I did!
I knew nothing about him, yet I tracked him down and we were in a relationship for sometime.

So if I can, you can too! ^_^

Until next time.

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