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Monday, 1 April 2013

Need help with online shopping!

Hey guys,

This is not a beauty or makeup post.

Actually i was going through some online shopping sites for facemask & cosmetics and all the beauty and makeup stuff and i am not sure which one to try out!

Now, i am looking for a website that is good both, quality as well as quantity wise.
What i mean is the stuff should be good and the list should be long to select from, not limited to few products you know!

And ofcource it should be affordable,
When i say affordable i mean it, not like 'that single product is 500 bucks, it's affordable'

So, i would really appreciate if you guys could suggest some good sites that fit all above conditions.

Also if you know free international shipping sites for india, write them down too!
Please! ^^


  1. if you are looking for inexpensive and great quality cosmetics, try . I have lots of swatches and reviews on my blog :)

  2. Hey!
    How are you?
    Thanks for sharing.
    And that's awesome because i always read reviews before buying any thing.
    It's a must for me..
    I'll check the site and the reviews out!

  3. me too :) let me know what you think! they also have a discount going on right now!

  4. Have you tried before? I saw a lot of great reviews about this blog and the shipping is reasonable.

  5. well i want to but it requires a paypal account or credit card to pay and i have neither one. But i really want to try it out.