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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Download youtube videos on your android phone for free!

Hello everyone,
I know I haven't been posting a lot these days but that's because my exams are starting next week and i am trying to study ( I can't concentrate on them thou, idk why)
So if you have any suggestions on this matter write them in the comments down below please!  :)

Coming to the topic now.
Won't you love to have your favourite recipe, song, tv soap episode or aerobics classes that you watch on youtube to be right next to you in your phone??

Well i want to! ;)

So i did some research, hunted on google play store but couldn't find anything (free).

Then i found this website it's a non-market application, but safe..

Just go to:

Install it, make sure you have enabled the installation of non-market apps...

Once it's installed you are good to go!!

Hope you find this helpful!

Leave your advices and thoughts on this down below.

Much love,
Shubhi :)