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Monday, 1 April 2013

Home made face mask to get rid of acne! (It works)

Many products claim to give you clean face and help you get rid of acne, but they don't,and that is heart-breaking.

Few days back while I was reading, I found this face mask recipe that people swear by, so I thought to share it with you guys..

Now, as i said before I don't have severe acne but this mask was highly recommended by many girls and ladies and they swear by it!

Plus, I wouldn't write this article if i was not not sure about this, so you can trust me.

I tried this on me although i had no acne, it worked good and my face felt clean.

You will have to try this for at-least a month to see some results, and why not?

If it does what it claims, that is clear your acne and that too without any chemicals why not try this?

Here is the recipe.

What you need:

  • Honey, plain or raw both will work (melt the raw one before using)


  • Cinnamon powder.


  • Empty Bowl


  • One tablespoon to measure

  • And one teaspoon, again for measuring.



  • Take one tablespoon of honey.

  • Add one teaspoon of cinnamon powder to this.

  • Mix this well, and apply this to clean face in circular motion.


Rinse this off with cold water after 20 minutes. 

You can also add one tea spoon of nutmeg powder to this for better results! :)


Try this and tell me if this worked, also if you know any tips feel free to write them down in the comments below. :)




If you want to read more beauty as well as health benefits of cinnamon check out this article:

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