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Monday, 8 April 2013

Beautiful hair therapy at home! (Very easy)

Summer season is here, well almost;
which reminds me, have you noticed how your hair become healthier in summers as compared to winters?

Do you know why?

Well i am no scientist, but my brain came up with this reason (that i believe is true) :

You know how the pores on our skin and scalp open up when they come in contact with anything warm/hot, and close with contact of cold thing?

So, in summers our pores open up due the heat in the air around us and vice-versa in winters. Which means whatever you apply to your skin or hair will absorb better. Great, right?

Hence, summer is the best time to give your hair the much needed therapy after harsh winters. I am not going to share fancy hair treatments in this post (there will be another post on it when i get over with my exams) but i am gonna share few oil treatments which are already in your kitchen, to get healthy hair.

1. Coconut oil rejuvenating treatment: Dry, dull, damaged, over processed, heat damaged, frizzy curls, you name it! Coconut oil is the solution to all your problems girls and boys. Coconut oil is the only oil that penetrates the deepest in your skin and hair super easily. It helps retain the natural protein of hair hence making it more healthier.

Treatment method:

• Simply take one or two spoons of coconut oil ( virgin or simple, both are good).

• Massage the oil into your hair. Don't use nails on the scalp ever, it will damage the skin and may cause dandruff as well, which is nothing but the peeled skin of the scalp.


•Massage using your fingertips and cover up with shower cap to trap the heat (If you don't have one use a normal plastic bag to cover up or even a hot towel).

• Let this sit for atleast 20-30 minutes or overnight if you can.

• Wash off normally, make sure all the oil is out though. You should see results after the first or second time of using this.

2. Olive oil treatment: Being rich in vitamin E this oil makes a great mask for dry and damaged hair.


Treatment method:

•Apply as much oil as required according to the length of your hair.
• Leave on for 20-30 minutes or one hour. Cover with a shower cap/plastic bag/hot towel.
• Wash off normally.

Tips and other information:

1. You can use both the hair treatment on dry or damp hair. Try out both to see what works best for you. :)

2. Massage atleast for two minutes to help your hair absorb better.

3. Dont massage vigorously, use you fingertips and massage gently.

4. Olive oil may weigh down your hair, it depends on your hair type. In this case mix half amount of coconut oil and half amount of olive oil and use this.

5. Actually anyone can use this. Just mix equal quantity of both the oils and use. This way you will get benefits of both the oil at the same time.

6. Its very important that whatever treatment you use homemade or any product, focus on the tips and ends of your hair as they are the most damaged and damage-prone part.

How To Wash Hair The Correct Way:

•Start by soaking you hair fully with lukewarm water ( yes, even in summers) This will actually open the pores and the dirt trapped in will be shampooed fully.

•Always make sure the last rinse is done with cold water, be it after shampoo or conditioner. This will close the pores and the goodness of shampoo, conditioner or any product that you used will be trapped in.

•Lastly, the most important tip is to let your hair dry naturally.
No rubbing towel on hair roughly or blow drying.

Happy healthy hair sugar's!

Feel free to leave your thoughts or special tips through comments.

I am off to bed now.

Night! :)


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  1. Close the window and door of the bathroom and turn the hot water tap. allow the steam to build up inside. later sit there for 5 mins with oil applied. this way oil gets absorbed well :)

  2. That an easy to do, great idea! :)

    Thank you for sharing ^^