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Sunday, 7 April 2013

DIY: Off-shoulder top! (No stitching or extra skill required)

DIY off-shoulder top: Image We all have some T-shirts that we never wear or don't like, or a t-shirt that we like so much that we almost wear it everyday and when it starts getting old and loose it's charm we feel heart-broken, maybe! :) Today I will share a simple method with you that you can do and transform any t-shirt to a classy off the shoulder top with nothing but a pair of scissor. Sounds good right? I tried this on two of my t-shirt and failed in the first try, but the second one turned out great! But I forgot to take pictures both the times and was left with no choice but to use this old blue t-shirt that i absolutely hate! And yeah the picture quality is really bad so sorry about that in advance. Lets begin now! :) (P.S: Read the tips given down below for sure, because I will tell some very important points there.) Things you will need:

  • Any scissor that will cut through the fabric easily, almost any sharp scissor will.


  • Any t-shirt that you want to convert into off the shoulder top.


  • Lay the t-shirt on a flat surface, in my case bed. Grab your scissor.

Image (See how bad this t-shirt is! Now yo know why I don't like it! :/)

  • It's your choice which side you want to the top to go off-shoulder. I have chosen left side.

  • Make a small cut near the neck of the top to the side which you want to be on the shoulder which in my case is right side,


  • Notice how I made the cut very close to the stitching of the neck on the side which I want to be on my shoulder (right side).


  • Now make the cut on the other side, which will be our off the shoulder side. But this time make the cut a little away from the neck, like so:

Image (P.S: See the tips below to know how far should you make the cut)

  • Start cutting the neck from the right side (on the shoulder side), but be very close to the stitch.

Image (Bad picture quality, yes!:( *sigh* )

  • Cut all the way, but stop a few inches before reaching the end.


  • Now cut in the direction of the arrow, this time keep it a little away from the neck's stitch.8

  • Once the whole neck is separated stretch the shirt from the neck to loosen the fabric and give it a rusty look.


  • I have used a full-sleeve t-shirt here so i cut the arms as well. If you are using half one skip this step.


  • Now your Very self made off the shoulder top is ready to wear.

  • This is what mine looked like:

11 Tips:

  • You can use any t-shirt, full sleeves or half sleeves.

  • Do NOT make the cut too far away from neck to the off-shoulder side.

  • See the fabric of your shirt Before making the cut.

  • If the cloth is thin, like mine do not keep the distance long or it will become off the hand top. Lol. Okay maybe i exaggerated. :D

Best idea is to first cut the whole neck close to it's stitching and then you can alter the off shoulder side according to your liking. Is this confusing? :/ Okay so I did my best to make this tutorial as simple as i could.   Hope you give this a try. If you have any questions leave a comment down below and i will reply to them instantly! Until next time lovelies! :) Few more pictures of the shirt: The sleeves: DSC01613 Sleeves again: DSC01615 You can even talk to me on twitter here: @Cbeautieshubhi If you want any information on anything let me know. :)

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